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Wagner vs. KCI

wagner powder coating gun comparison

Wagner Powder Coating Gun Comparison

Wagner Coating Gun Comparison

In this wagner powder coating gun comparison we will be conducting a side by side review of the Wagner Sprint X* powder coating gun and the KCI Model K1-6 powder coating gun. *(Do to copyright laws we are unable to display photos of the Wagner unit.) Sorry.

The Wagner Sprint X AirFluid Manual Box Feed Powder Coating Gun

The Wagner Sprint X is one of the three so called "big brand" names in powder coating. It features 100KV of first pass power, quick color changes and a rotary dial style controller with 3 standard preset modes. For those shops or operations that use custom powder "recipes" the Sprint X can be programmed to hold up to 47 of them. 

Like the majority of powder coat guns today, using the Sprint for the first time is easy. Its literally a plug-n-play system and takes little time to master. While some have deemed the gun a little "heavy handed" in the past, the latest generation model X seems to have solved this with a newer lightweight 18 oz design. (We did note some recent criticism of the guns new light weight plastic construction adding to its fragility and fear of being dropped.)

At an average online price of $5,495.00, The Sprint X weights in well above KCI'S published price of $3,297.00 and does not include the cost of freight to ship it from Wagner.  

The system includes the following items...

    Wagner Powder Coating Gun Comparison System List
    • 1- EPG-2008: Electrostatic/Pneumatic Gun Controller
    • 1- PEM-C4: Manual Gun: 100kV Corona Electrostatic Cascade
    • 1- PI-P1: Powder Feed Pump with High-Efficiency Injector
    • 1- Fan Spray Nozzle: F1 and F2
    • 1- Electrode Holder C4R: With deflector cone R20, R28 and R38
    • 1- Positioning Tool: For the fan spray nozzle
    • 1- Caster Mounted Stand Assembly: Fluidized Box feeder for FAST color changes
    • 1- Assembly Hardware: Poly tubing, hardware, and cable ties
    • 1- Set of Powder Hose: High-flow, grounded hose for manual gun
    • 1- Constant fluidization upgrade 
    • Freight/Shipping is not included. Estimated at $200 to $300 more.
    • 2 Year Warranty Only

As far as warranty coverage is concerned, The Sprint X comes with a very unique 2 year "shift based" warranty. Basically the warranty works something like this. If your shop runs a single shift per day, then your gun is warrantied for a period of 24 months. If you run 2 shifts, the warranty is 12 months, and if you're a 3 shift operation then its only 6 months.

This shift based warranty may be a clue about the the guns durability under heavy use. As with most gun manufacturers, Wagner's warranty in their own words is "replaced or repaired as we see fit" so we suggest that the bottom line for a single gun shop is caution. Always be sure you have a backup plan in place in case your gun goes down. Warranty repairs from most manufacturers require you to ship your gun back to them at your expense until a warranty coverage determination is made. That can leave your shop down for a week or more.

Fortunately Wagner's warranty does cover you for that shipping expense as long as the repair or replacement is judged to be under warranty.

The KCI Model K1-6 Box Feed Manual Powder Coating Gun

The KCI K1-6 is probably best described as the latest "new comer" to the big brand list. 

Used by large commercial manufacturers like LG Appliance and some of the largest commercial coaters in the country, KCI is fast gaining a reputation for reliability at a low cost.

KCI guns have all of the same bells, whistles, and features as Wagner, Gema and Nordson guns do. like the 3 mode-push-button digital controller and 3 minute color change capability built right in.

But its not the guns features or the performance that's responsible for its recent rise in popularity, those are pretty much standard in all guns these days, its the low price, their exclusive "No Wait" warranty and the free shipping that's got people paying attention.

At nearly $2,100.00 less than the Sprint X, the K1-6 comes in at just $3,297.00 USD for the complete system. As an extra value added bonus worth between $200 and $300, shipping is FREE to your business or residential address. Business addresses receive their guns pre-assembled and shrink wrapped on a pallet, and residential shipments receive their units in two boxes and require five minutes of "brain dead easy" assembly to put together.

Another HUGE advantage with KCI is their Warranty program as offered through powdercoatpro.com and kcipowdercoatingequipment.com. Thanks to a less than 1% failure rate in the field, KCI is now the only gun maker with a 5 Year "No Wait" Warranty. This makes KCI the ideal choice for the smaller single-gun operations and the main reason so many OEM'S use them too.

With the "no wait" warranty you simply call KCI if you experience a problem. A tech will walk you through a set of 3 simple tests right over the phone to determine what is wrong and will immediately send out whatever is needed to get you up and running. This obviously minimizes downtime .

The K1-6 Powder Coating Gun Comes Complete with the Following...

  • 1- K1-6 Box Feed Manual Powder Coating Gun
  • 1- 20' Anti-Static & Cable Assembly
  • 1- K1-6 Pre-Programmed Controller Unit with 3 Preset Modes 
  • 1- 20 to 100Kv Variable First Pass Power Cascade
  • 1- Box Feed Vibratory Stand on Wheels
  • FREE Shipping to any U.S Business or Residential Address. ($200 to $300 Value)
  • 5 Year "No Wait" Warranty
  • 1- Injector Pump Assembly
  • 1- Powder and Ground Cable Assembly
  • 1- Self Cleaning Air Valve
  • 1- Conveying Air and Dosing Air Hose Assembly

The Results & Our Opinion

For the money we feel its hard to beat KCI. For $3,297.00 your "all in" and have a 5 year warranty to back you up if something goes wrong. In the end the choice between these two powder guns will come down to the value you place on a brand name. For us and extra $2,100.00 and another $200 to $300 for shipping is a little too much.